Wednesday, 24 August 2016

It isn't about just ONE thing!

What is your definition of success?

A flashy car, a big house, a yacht, tons of money...whatever your definition of success is, it's personal.  It will be unique to you.

What makes people successful?

One overlooked common denominator of all successful people is initiative.
People who make lots of money, have a flashy car or a big house are people who show initiative every day, in everything they do.

Remember, the way you do anything, is the way you do everything. 

If you want your life to be successful, start showing initiative every day in as many ways as you can, develop success habits, and you will start making more money. 

Successful people are always willing to do what the other guys are not willing to do! Live your life with abundance in be prosperous in everything you do.

The science of being successful is not by doing certain things, it's by doing things in a certain way.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Creating Happiness

An enlightened, fully SELF-Realized person once explained the truth about happiness to me.
Your happiness must be anchored in the experience of the SELF. 
It must be established in understanding the "oneness" of all that is and that you are not separate from anything. Your inner joy and bliss must come from "knowing" the fact that you are an extension of Source which is all things. 

Then your happiness is complete, total, and everlasting. 
Then you have complete inner contentment. 
Then your happiness will be bubbling up within you every moment forever. 
It will never come to an end. 

However, if your happiness is based on how smoothly everything is going in your life, how well you are doing, how wonderfully people are praising you, how often you get what you want, how cozy you are in your own little cocoon you call your "life", then you must understand that your happiness will never be complete and will never last. 

If you do have moments of happiness, it is illusionary. It never is total or complete, it never fulfills you. You are always left wanting and searching for something more. You are always feeling "something is missing". 

You are never content. You cannot look for happiness outside yourself. You cannot base your happiness on external conditions, situations, events, circumstances or people. True happiness comes from knowing the SELF. This means knowing and experiencing that you are an extension of Source. Source is energy. 

This ONE energy or consciousness or awareness is the ONE "thing" that EVERYTHING in the Universe is an extension of. Knowing this and EXPERIENCING this will give you complete and total happiness, joy and bliss that surpasses all human understating. 

This explanation is wonderful, however, you must experience it yourself and not just intellectually know it. I am teaching how to actually attain and experience this joy in the HPT-Transformation Mastery Course. 
You can get the Course by clicking here:
Each month you will receive the 'Nugget of Gold' newsletter and each quarter a 30min Skype session with me.
Much love to you every one of you, and I wish you all experience much happiness and joy in your life.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Beware False Prophets or Profits

I have heard more and more about perfection in the last few days from all different angles…

Aren’t these three comments great? How many so called self help people tell you this:
  • "My life is perfect"
  • "Everything I want comes to me"
  • "I have no worries, concerns or fears"
Have you heard these from people: friends, strangers, mentors, gurus?

Why don't we throw a few more comments in?
  • "When I wake in the morning my bed makes itself"
  • "My clothes fly out of my closet neatly pressed and onto my body"
  • "All the cars get out of my way when I am driving"
I have news for you...
The first three comments come from liars.
The second three comments come from the same people but you don't believe those three, they sound like jokes.

Well, the first three are jokes too!  And so are the people who tell you them.

The perfect person doesn't have any fear, insecurity or negativity.
The perfect person doesn't drink.
The perfect person doesn't smoke.
The perfect person doesn't fail.
The perfect person doesn't get upset.
The perfect person doesn't get angry or sad or confused.....
...The perfect person doesn't exist!

NOBODY has a life free of concern, fear, insecurity, self doubt or negativity. You get these feelings every now and then because, shock horror, you are HUMAN!

DO NOT follow or listen to people who tell you otherwise, because they are lying and hiding behind a facade.  Worse is that they are lying to themselves if they believe it.

A true friend, mentor, trainer or 'guru' (I hate that word) is a human being.  Not some elevated being that has transcended to a new plane of awareness.  They are in the real world, with real people, with abilities and teachings, not mystical powers.

We all have concerns, fears, insecurities, self doubts and negativity in our lives, I do, just as much as you do.  I have learned to control them and see them for what they really are, and not for more than they are.

That is all you need to do too.  All you need is help to do it.  All you need to know is how to do it.

Life is a roller coaster, it has its ups and downs. Instead of lying on the track waiting to be run over, come and find out how to get back in the car and enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Here is a tip to make you feel better.

Every day, make it a point to do the following.
First, smile as often as you can. Smile for no reason. Just smile.

Second, laugh as often as you can. Laugh for no reason and as often as you can.

Third, sing out loud. Just sing.

Fourth, dance!

Yes, dance. Dance often, even if it is by yourself when no one is watching. Even if it is by yourself when people ARE can be contagious.

Do this and see how amazing you feel.

When you act like a kid, by smiling, laughing, singing, and dancing, you will feel lighter and more cheerful. You will be taking life less seriously. You will vibrate frequencies that will attract into your life all the things you want.

Watch the magic happen in your life!!

Monday, 4 July 2016

Possibility Thinkers Creed

When dealing with the various situations, challenges and circumstances in your life, you might want to consider the "Possibilities Thinkers Creed". 

This was taught to me in the mid 1990's. Most people today have never heard of it. 

Consider this powerful "creed": 
"When faced with a mountain - 
I will not quit. 
I will keep on striving until I climb over, 
find a pass through, 
tunnel underneath or
simply stay where I am and turn the mountain into a gold mine!"

The "mountain" is what you perceive as your "problem or adversity". 

The magic is being able to turn what appears to be negative into a positive with simply a change in perspective. At an event several years ago a man asked me about the concept of "looking for and always finding the golden nuggets" in life.

The idea is that when you are digging for gold, you have to move tons of dirt to find just a few ounces of gold. But you are not looking for the dirt, you are looking for the gold. 

So in life, stop looking for and focusing on the "dirt" (the negative, the problems, the adversity you are facing). 

The question is when you are digging in the dirt (dealing with life's challenges) and there just is NO gold there (there IS no positive you can find), what do you do?

The dirt is what we perceive as life's problems, negatives, and adversity. Generally you can "find the gold" in every situation you deal with in life if you simply look and change your perspective. 

But what if there is simply NO gold, but ONLY dirt? 

Then, since you are in the dirt anyway, laugh like a kid, and play in the mud! 
The dirt IS the gold! 
You are meant to let go, surrender to the Universe, relax, and stop being attached to the outcome YOU think is best.

Just like in the Possibilities Thinkers Creed, the mountain itself (the problem/adversity) becomes the prize! 

This is how to be a wizard in life.

You can turn any situation or location you find yourself in into your private sanctuary, your personal "retreat", and your own wonderful "university". 

I have made the situations and locations in my life the perfect place for me so that I gain more benefits in every area of my life than anyone can imagine.

Everyday I am thankful, grateful and so appreciate to be HERE....right this moment. 

How are you dealing with YOUR mountains? I suggest you embrace the Possibilities Thinkers Creed". You will feel better, and your life will BE better. 

Monday, 27 June 2016

Firewalking: Fun or Empowerment?

Firewalking as a metaphor for overcoming your fears has really been done to death. Tony Robbins in the news again because people got burnt at one of his events again.

I can't believe that people still use firewalking as part of their program.

Back in 1997 I was running sales training workshops that culminated in a board break. I learnt that at Speakers International. I was working as the National Sales Trainer for Telewest.

Then in 2000 I wanted a new metaphor for breakthrough. I looked around and found a couple of companies that provided Firewalking events. I rang them and one of them called me back. It was a call from a guy called Martin Sterling. He called me around five times to tell me that his company could provide the service we needed. In the end it didnt happen. In fact, Speakers International ran the firewalk in Basildon.

He kept in touch with me and one day, when I told him I was in Sheffield, asked me to drop into the office on the way to London. After a long chat he asked me to work with him.

1997 Cable London
Sales Seminar Boardbreak
Over the next couple of years I worked with him, then we split and I went off to get further into NLP and Hypnosis and then he contacted me again in 2003 and asked me to work with him.

Firewalking and Glasswalking were the main areas of business. It always struck me as a waste of time. It was fun but what was the concept? Walking over 'red hot coals' as a way of fearbusting! How?

Its all to do with state of mind and physics.

Its important to have the right state of mind and the training session prior to the walk builds towards you believing that you can walk on fire. The exercises and messages are very standard NLP and persuasion exercises and can be found in numerous seminars not linked with Firewalking. In fact you can pick up most NLP books and see the exercises. You are actually walking on burnt wood, not coals. Its Pine. The optimum heat is around 1300 degrees but most companies have people walking on ash, especially if 40 other people have walked on it prior to you. Usually a line of fire either side of the 'firebed' gives the impression that it's hotter than it is.

Its also about contact time. If you have taken a jacket potato out of the oven and switched it from hand to hand then you wont burn yourself. Same with firewalking. Your contact time with the 'firebed' is so minimal that you cannot be burnt. If you walk at a steady speed, six steps is enough to get you over and you will have done it(with some companies you only need three - check youtube, I have seen firebeds of 6ft!!).

Pine is the wood of choice. This is a great generator of heat but not a conductor of heat. Imagine a cake in an oven. After its been in there for a time and you open the oven door you will get a blast of hot air (not unusual in this industry). If you put your hand in and touch the cake: no problem. Touch the oven walls: no hand left. Basically, what you are walking on during a firewalk is like walking on a 20ft long cake. Generating heat but not a conductor.

Lasting benefits...absolutely NONE!

I asked a group of car salesmen once what they considered were the benefits of walking on fire. They all told me the same thing.

"We are gonna sell a ton of cars now!"
"Great," I said...."How?"

Each one of them got a glazed look on their faces and stayed that way. Then they spent ages justifying how Firewalking will help them shift those old rust buckets and sleds that had been on the forecourt for ages. They couldn't justify it. I gave them motivational, attitudinal, influence, inner game and Sales Training. THAT worked!!!

In the old days, in the 80s/90s, it was new and unusual. Tolly Burkan and Anthony Robbins made it well known and then everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Now its old and, to quote Tom Jones: it's not unusual. If you ask a group of 40 people about it, at least 30 of them will have heard of it and 10 or 12 will have done it.

Its mystery has gone. A simple search on the internet will explain the mechanics of it.

Its very simple to organise and I have the Tolly Burkan certification to train it and the Insurance cover so you could ask me if you wanted to but I havent wanted to organise or train a firewalk for years...

So would I do it if I was in your position and looking for a way of Breaking Through or Empowering myself? No. Its all a bit of fun. You can raise money for charity doing it - It's the shortest sponsored walk in the world...

Glasswalking is the same. It sounds scary, it sounds terrifying but shouldn't. Again, physics and common sense come into play.

If you want to lie on a bed of nails you can. If you want to lie on a bed of ONE nail, then that would be very foolish. Same with Glasswalking. If you tread on a piece of broken glass while barefoot you will cut your foot. A Glasswalk on the other hand is performed on a bed of a thousand or so broken bottles.

Yes they are very sharp shards of broken glass but it's a glass bed at least two inches deep so anything under your foot compresses into whats below and around it. No problem. It sounds great when the glass breaks and cracks under your feet but it also cushions your feet. If you feel anything under your foot that you don't like the feel of...lift your foot and put it somewhere else.

When you are involved in the fire and glass walking industry for as long as I was you believe it is the cure for everything and the best motivator. When you have worked outside of the firewalk and glasswalk industry for as long as I have, you realise how far behind the times these events really.are...and they should stay there...